Dailuaine 10 Year Old (Brandambassador Phil) - 82 Chapters to Newcastle

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
So this one is going to be tough to translate. The great team at 82 Chapters in Newcastle have released some special bottles in the past. Today we have a Community Exclusive bottling with a very pun-y marketing. This 10 year old single malt from the Dailuaine distillery is dedicated to their brand ambassador Phil. As such, the german texts about it (and also the bottle's label) are riddled with puns where the name Phil in inserted instead of similar sounding syllables. Let us see if we are able to get this into english, as well. The malt has been matured for 9 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, and was then finished for a year in a First Phil Moscatel cask.
Dailuaine 10 Year Old (Brandambassador Phil) - 82 Chapters to Newcastle
Dailuaine 10 Year Old (Brandambassador Phil) - 82 Chapters to Newcastle (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 10 Year Old | 55,60 % ABV. | 85,57 €/l | Dailuaine Distillery | bottled by 82 Chapters to Newcastle | produced in Scotland (Speyside) | Whiskybase ID 232349
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The first thing we notice is the fruity scent of ripe peaches. There are also intense notes of Speyside - sweet wild honey and a strong malty sweetness. The fruit sweetness then gives way to overripe apples, surrounded by the scent of caramelised sweets. There is also a hint of red wine in the glass.


On the tip of the tongue, an intense sweet caramel note dominates. This quickly gives way to a great fruitiness. We Phil reminded of wild berries, cranberries and once again the typical Speyside honey. On the dry palate we find mint, some ginger and a really nice kick of white pepper.


The medium-long Philnish of the single malt is dominated by a nice oak spiciness. Again, a small amount of ginger, dark chocolate and a hint of fig.


As always: 82 Chapters is fun. Not only the humorous marketing, but also the product quality of this bottling is first class. An excellent late summer whisky with a pleasant nose, fruity taste and spicy finish. A clear recommendation as a (not quite) insider tip, but unfortunately, as always, very quickly out of stock.

Rating: 84/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 83 | Sascha: 85)

Value for Money: 5/5 - Very Good

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