Apogee XII 12 Year Old

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
The so-called Pure Malt Whisky (euphemism for blend) Apogee XII from the house of Bimber is described as a milestone of the London-based craft distillery founded in 2015.
According to their own statements, they are reacting to the increasing demand and are extraordinarily convinced of their product.
Bimber's 12-year-old blend consists of single malts from Speyside and the Highlands and is finished in Bimber's own ex-bourbon casks. If you believe Bimber, it took two years to give this whisky its character through the fine art of blending:
"Over two years in development, Apogee stands at the apex of our blending prowess and offers a showcase of our ceaseless dedication to meticulous maturation." We are curious!
The Pure Malt comes in an exciting bottle. Made from a haptic, hammered glass, it is meant to mimic the surfaces of Bimber's small copper stills.
Apogee XII 12 Year Old
Apogee XII 12 Year Old (Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange)
Blended Malt Whisky | 12 Year Old | 46,30 % ABV. | 85,57 €/l | Bimber Distillery | produced in England


A sweet scent of pear and brown sugar comes to us as soon as we pour it into the Glencairn glass. After a short time, nutty and caramel aromas become noticeable and push their way to the fore.


The oaky start lingers for a long time. Later it slowly gives way to a pleasant apple-cinnamon flavour, which gets a special touch with a slightly spicy mint.


A slightly fruity-sweet oak accompanies us here for a medium length.


The promising nose was relatively one-dimensional in the taste and finish with the wooden hammer. It felt like the whisky took us through the wood-cutting department of a DIY store.
Interesting and very drinkable, but priced too high, whereas the Bimber Bourbons are also relatively high-priced.

69/100 - Good
(Marcel: 69 | Sascha: 69)

Value for Money: Sufficient

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