Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release

Peaty, Leathery
Inspired by the punk past from the 1970s, Ardbeg releases Ardcore as this year's committee release. By the way, it is said to taste "like biting a spiky ball".
The releases are very polarising. Very interesting for collectors and sold out just as quickly, those who want to taste the latest Committee release often don't get their money's worth.
Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release
Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 50,10 % ABV. | 185,57 €/l | Ardbeg Distillery | produced in Scotland (Islay) | Whiskybase ID 202641


At first, the smell reminds us more of a Laphroaig than an Ardbeg. We identify phenolic smoke that fades into a steam note. It reminds us of neatly burnt toast. Fighting through the smoke, an Ardbeg-typical vanilla-citrus note emerges. This is accompanied by roasted malt and ham.


The typical Ardbeg anise with a certain seawater saltiness hovers over a not-so-intense campfire ember flavour. Gradually, vanilla and chocolate fight their way to the fore. We would have expected more chocolateiness from the dark roasted barley malt. Roasted aromas are present, but rather subtle. Overall, not much, we have to say, unfortunately.


The spicy-dry finish is medium long, but that's not what we've come to expect from Ardbeg. Not very impressive.


We are missing the flavour explosion here. It is a single malt whisky from Ardbeg, yes - no question. But it is not a wild, punky Ardbeg. Straightforward, not very voluminous, not very complex. Basically, the combination is solid, but not punky, more like a terraced house with a well-kept front garden. We don't need to talk about the price. It is the usual hype-drop stuff. Completely overpriced and perhaps interesting for collectors. If you need something wild, you should go for the Ardbeg Wee Beastie!

Rating: 74/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 71 | Sascha: 77)

Value for Money: 1/5 - Very bad

Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange
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