Balcones Baby Blue

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
Balcones Baby Blue is made from roasted baby blue corn and is matured for a time that is probably well under two years. Although exact details of the ageing time are not available, it is assumed that the whisky is aged in barrels for at least six months. The use of small casks and the unique Texas climate significantly characterise the character of this corn spirit.
Balcones Baby Blue
Balcones Baby Blue (Preview Image Source: Whiskybase)
Corn Spirit | No Age Statement | 46,00 % ABV. | 56,42 €/l | Balcones Distillery | produced in USA (Texas) | Whiskybase ID 237505


An intense corn flavour immediately reveals itself, accompanied by notes of fresh popcorn and a hint of solvent. The sweet vanilla and ripe banana lend a tantalising sweetness to the bouquet, while a subtle nuance of young oak and curd soap rounds off the olfactory experience. Light roasted flavours and the scent of hot butter in the pan give this whisky a warm and inviting note.


On the palate, the Balcones Baby Blue Whisky is slightly bitter with a hint of Balcones pepper and a sweet vanilla note. The creamy texture is again reminiscent of curd soap, while fruity nuances add refreshing complexity.


The finish concludes briefly with a light spiciness and a hint of orange and ginger.


The Baby Blue is a typical Balcones. We find the usual Balcones notes, even if it is significantly less sweet in flavour than the nose promised. 18 litre barrels in a Texas climate deliver - as expected - an exciting result. However, exciting does not necessarily mean good - you have to consciously engage with this bottling.

Rating: 72/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 72 | Sascha: 72)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Preview Image Source: Whiskybase
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