St. Kilian Bud Spencer - The Legend - Rauchig - Batch 02

Peaty, Leathery
The German distillery St. Klilian has chosen Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill as characters for its marketing. Both peated and non-peated Whiskys as well as liqueurs appear as part of the series.
The label, adorned with Bud Spencer's world-famous fist, promises a quick-witted and humorous experience. Those who have seen the movies of Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill know what we are talking about. Nevertheless, we are actually reviewing a Single Malt Whisky from Germany.
St. Kilian Bud Spencer - The Legend - Rauchig - Batch 02
St. Kilian Bud Spencer - The Legend - Rauchig - Batch 02 (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 49,00 % ABV. | 71,29 €/l | St. Kilian Distillery | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 177393


The scenery: A campfire on a fresh, lush and dewy meadow actually describes the nose quite well. A hint of citrus aromas and occasionally a bit of vanilla can still be found in the background.


The punch: Slightly peppery-spicy, but without a salty maritime quality, Bud Spencer opens with the first punch. The second fist follows sweetly with red berries, caramel sweetness, and typical red wine flavours.


The end: The knockout punch is dry, spicy and yet fruity at the same time, landing the opponents next to the campfire again.


The Bud Spencer whisky is complex, but not a bomb. The nose is relatively one-dimensional, while we like the combination of smoke with red wine cask very much. Even though we have a smoky single malt here, it is surprisingly drinkable and quite round for a NAS.
How and why one should build a bridge to Bud Spencer here remains a mystery to us, but marketing is marketing.

Rating: 79/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 78 | Sascha: 80)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

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