Dumbarton Rock Blended Whisky

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
The independent bottler Dràm Mòr, run by Kenny and Viktorija Macdonald, is mainly known for its unique single cask bottlings. They regularly release not only single malts, but also rum and armagnac. Starting this year, they additionally offer the blended malt Dumbarton Rock. Today we take the time to taste this blend, which consists of five different single malts.
Dumbarton Rock Blended Whisky
Dumbarton Rock Blended Whisky (@whiskyedition)
Blended Whisky | No Age Statement | 46,00 % ABV. | 47,50 €/l | Distillery Unknown | bottled by Dràm Mòr | produced in Scotland (Highlands) | Whiskybase ID 224761


This blend beguiles the nose with malty pear and a hint of chocolate, so rich that even the bottle cap becomes envious. A spicy foamy sugar dream, like marshmallows with honey tickle the senses.


The Dumbarton Rock doesn't quite know where it wants to be yet. It tastes of grain is oily, like a biscuit with a hit of vanilla honey. The oak gives it a subtle seriousness while it dabbles with a pinch of citrus and a hint of sultanas or figs, sweetly fruity but not too berry. Taste that shows that youth can sometimes be sweet and indecisive!


The malt says goodbye with ginger spiciness and lemon acidity in staccato. A finish like when you steal the last piece of shortbread. Thanks to the oak, the finish is short but with a pinch of elegance - a farewell that calls for an encore.


Dumbarton Rock shows impressive potential. This high quality blend presents an intriguing flavour profile. The distinct, subtle and refreshing character of this malt is anything but boring. Its versatile profile allows for a pleasure that is sophisticated but accessible. Nevertheless, some of the components could possibly benefit from longer maturation in the casks to develop their flavours even further.

Rating: 72/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 70 | Sascha: 73)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Product for review provided free of charge by Drám Mór
Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange
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