Edinburgh Castle 10 Year Old

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
High above Castle Rock, amidst the Scottish capital, majestically stands Edinburgh Castle. This historic landmark is cared for and preserved by Historic Environment Scotland (HES). It is there that Edinburgh Castle 10 was created, a single malt whisky paying homage to Scotland's most significant attraction. Today, we take the time to explore its taste.
Edinburgh Castle 10 Year Old
Edinburgh Castle 10 Year Old (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 10 Year Old | 40,00 % ABV. | 100,00 €/l | Distillery Unknown | produced in Scotland (Highlands) | Whiskybase ID 229181


Upon the first sip, this whisky unfolds with a robust, earthy note. We are in disagreement, speculating if a hint of smoke might be lingering in the glass. Given a little time, it opens up and reveals nuances of vanilla, honey, and buttery biscuits, accompanied by a slight bitterness of orange peel.


On the tip of the tongue, Edinburgh Castle 10 initially delivers an intensely fruity sweetness, evoking thoughts of red fruits, particularly creamy candies. The oily mouthfeel carries the flavors of vanilla, cereal, and honey, all while maintaining its intense earthiness and hints of bitter orange — again perhaps even a touch of smoke?


In the medium-length finish, earthy notes return, accompanied by a hint of oak wood and a sweet-spicy aftertaste, completing the experience.


With Edinburgh Castle 10, HES offers an unusual tasting experience, especially for a Highlander. The combination of sherry cask aromas, fresh Highland notes, and an elusive earthy/smoky touch gives this whisky complexity and a harmonious flavor profile. Despite its low alcohol content, it impresses with a wealth of flavors.

Rating: 78/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 78 | Sascha: 77)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

Preview Image Source: edinburghcastle.scot
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