Four Roses Small Batch

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
Bourbon is as much a part of Super Bowl Day in the USA as scotch is on Robert Burns Day in Scotland. For today's Super Bowl match day, we have chosen a standard bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.
Four Roses Small Batch
Four Roses Small Batch
Kentucky Straight Bourbon | No Age Statement | 45,00 % ABV. | 45,57 €/l | Four Roses Distillery | produced in USA (Kentucky) | Whiskybase ID 23655


The Four Roses Small Batch opens with a sweet note reminiscent of icing sugar, followed by caramel and maple syrup. Slightly nutty flavours with a splash of citrus join in. On the more savoury side, we find something reminiscent of sourdough and rye.


The bourbon is (surprisingly) spicy. Here, too, we think of rye. As in the nose, we find a caramel undertone, as well as sweet notes - similar to a honeydew melon. Of course, vanilla is also present in this bourbon! In general, the mouthfeel can be described as creamy, sweet and spicy.


The oaky, spicy finish is medium to long and has some roasted flavours and burnt corn on the cob.


The Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a little less what you would expect from a 30€ bourbon. Rich, yet straightforward and anything but overwhelming. It's certainly a good choice for drinking on the side at the Superbowl or for a cocktail, even if it doesn't really inspire a lot of excitement. In this price segment, we would rather go for a Bulleit Bourbon 10 year old or Buffalo Trace 45% next time.

Rating: 72/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 69 | Sascha: 75)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

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