Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Spicy, Maritime, Costal
The 15 Year Old Viking Heart is supposed to fill the gap of the standard bottlings between the 12 Year Old and the 18 Year Old Highland Park and thus expand the range of the distillery from the Orkney Islands. Unfortunately, we are not entirely convinced.
The topic of Vikings as a marketing tool is certainly debatable, especially since the Vikings certainly did not produce whisky in their 500 years on Orkney. Nevertheless, the legends and symbols of the Nordic people always lend themselves to an exciting all-round marketing package.
The ceramic bottle is of course an eye-catcher on the shelf and feels very good. The well-known lion and snake pattern as well as a heart are embossed on the bottle. The reason for the choice of the bottle is commitment to the environment, as well as the storage of Whiksy in stone vessels, as was the rule 200 years ago - back to the roots combined with the idea of sustainability, which shapes our future. We like that.
Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart
Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart (Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange)
Single Malt Whisky | 15 Year Old | 44,00 % ABV. | 135,57 €/l | Highland Park Distillery | produced in Scotland | Whiskybase ID 229453


We first perceive intense cold smoke, which slowly fades away. After a few minutes in the glass, we smell fruity aromas, partly sweet, partly sour. It reminds us of grapefruit. In between, we have a slightly sandy, slightly dusty feeling in the nose. We can't quite put our finger on it.


Starting out fruity and tart and reminiscent of lemons and limes, brown sugar and vanilla sugar quickly take over. And that's it.


Medium-long and spicy, the 15 year old takes us on a finish that is initially very salty and tangy, but is later strongly dominated by toasted oak.


Unfortunately, the whisky gives us too little. It is not balanced and at the same time not round and it does not have real edges either. The certain something is clearly missing here. Certainly, we are not talking about a bad whisky here, but for the proud price of around 100 euros, we expected much more. Disappointing.

Rating: 69/100 - Good (Marcel: 69 | Sascha: 69)

Value for Money: 1/5 - Very bad

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Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange
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