Horst Lüning Blended Malt Batch 2 10 Year Old

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
Within the German whisky community, Horst Lüning from Whisky.de is an unavoidable figure. Somewhere between meme and true expertise, he has succeeded in living his great passion for whisky with tremendous success. Authentically and skillfully staged are his YouTube reviews, which he has been regularly publishing with his son Ben for quite some time now. Great success naturally brings its own advantages. In addition to exclusive bottlings, he has, according to his own statements, fulfilled a long-cherished dream and created his own blended malt. Today, we have the second batch of his blends in the glass.
Horst Lüning Blended Malt Batch 2 10 Year Old
Horst Lüning Blended Malt Batch 2 10 Year Old (Preview Image Source: whisky.de)
Blended Malt Whisky | 10 Year Old | 46,00 % ABV. | 52,71 €/l | Distillery Unknown | bottled by Whisky.de | produced in Scotland | Whiskybase ID 199616


Already in the aroma, the blend presents itself as very fresh and fruity. We discover clear notes of citrus, vanilla, and sweet maltiness. Accompanied by a finely tuned spiciness. The sherry casks leave a light influence of raisins.


In the mouth, the malt remains true to its line. The sweetness of malt and the freshness of citrus fruits prevail. The slight spiciness and the subtle hints of sherry aromas hold back a bit but are recognizable. Overall, it provides a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel.


The finish of this whisky is medium-long and warming. It remains very mild and pleasant. A slight dryness spreads across the palate.


Horst Lüning's blend meets the quality we expected from the YouTube legend. Honest and genuine, we receive a 10-year-old malt without filtration, uncolored, and at a great drinking strength. Tasty and mild, an excellent alternative to the classics in this price range.

Rating: 74/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 73 | Sascha: 74)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Preview Image Source: whisky.de
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