Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
Everyone knows the supermarket Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, but if you look a little further you will find a number of exciting bottlings from the same distillery. Besides the Single Barrel Select, which we have in the glass today, there are other Single Barrel bottlings, Bonded, Triple Mash and many more.
The Single Barrel Select is the entry into the Jack Daniel's distillery bottlings that whisky lovers can take seriously and also enjoy neat.
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select (@whiskyedition)
Tennessee Whiskey | No Age Statement | 45,00 % ABV. | 42,71 €/l | Jack Daniel's Distillery | produced in USA (Tennessee) | Whiskybase ID 221531


If anyone has ever wondered whether whiskey can smell intensely of banana. The answer is clearly YES! And that is sweet, ripe bananas. Somewhere in there are a few other sweet fruity notes, a good portion of oak, and a hint of herbs. And banana. More banana. Banana anyone?


Banana? Yes, here too, and not too little. In addition, we taste a lot of vanilla, a little caramel, as well as the spicy oak that we could already perceive in the nose. And banana! Maybe a little leather and a little lactritz.


Slightly dry and yet fruity sweet, the Jack Daniel's closes with a medium-long finish.


Well, if you like banana - sure! Why not. Otherwise, this bottling has almost nothing to do with Jack Daniel's, which always stands next to Jim Beam in the supermarket, but may call itself whiskey. You can do that, but you don't necessarily have to.

Rating: 71/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 69 | Sascha: 73)

Value for Money: 5/5 - Very Good

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