Octomore 10.3 2013 / 2019 6 Year Old

Peaty, Leathery
Statistically, Octomore is all about the degree of peatiness. Despite its young age, however, we have an incredibly complex whisky in the glass.
Why 10.3? There is a simple system behind the numbering. The 10 stands for the series, the 3 for a specific characteristic. In this case, it is the maturation in exclusively ex-American oak barrels.
In the 10.3 we have a peat content of 114PPM (phenol parts per million).
Octomore 10.3 2013 / 2019 6 Year Old
Octomore 10.3 2013 / 2019 6 Year Old (Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange)
Single Malt Whisky | 6 Year Old | 61,30 % ABV. | 254,29 €/l | Bruichladdich Distillery | produced in Scotland


"For such a smoky one, it smells bright and fresh. Not like an Ardbeg ashtray." was Sascha's first comment.
Instead of the dark smoke, we have spring-like notes of lemon balm. We also smell freshly roasted coffee and boiled custard. Peat smoke is also present, of course.


What kind of sugar is that? We think of a very sugary cake with a massive layer of fondant. Somehow also peat smoke, but damn sweet. A variety of flavours were hiding underneath. On the one hand we have a salty marimality, on the other hand a slightly lemony-limey sourness. Very, very exciting.


Really warming and "ultra long" we have smoked ham, rubber, spices, and iodine-like notes in the finish. For half an hour!


If we hadn't been told that this whisky was only matured for 6 years, we would have estimated it to be much older. We knew we were in for a smoke monster and we were not disappointed. We were impressed by the complexity hidden under the peat smoke.
Unfortunately, we pay for the hype and exclusivity with the price.

87/100 - Excellent
(Marcel: 85 | Sascha: 89)

Value for Money: Satisfying

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