Patrisbrunna Original Paderborner Single Malt 2016

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
KÖ13 in Paderborn is actually known for its delicious food. However, the restaurant also sells luxury condiments and, in particular, its own single malt. Today we have a whisky from Paderborn in our glass.
Locality and transparency are at the forefront of Patrisbrunna. Local barley and spring water are brewed with an original wort of 15.2° and distilled four times. It was bottled after about 5 years of ageing.
Patrisbrunna Original Paderborner Single Malt 2016
Patrisbrunna Original Paderborner Single Malt 2016 (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 5 Year Old | 58,00 % ABV. | 72,50 €/l | Kloster Dalheim Distillery | bottled by Kö13 Paderborn | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 233678


In the opening we find spicy floral notes with a hint of mown hay. There is also some solvent. Behind this, roasted aromas that almost make us think of freshly grilled food.
With a little water added, the aroma opens up to blossom honey and sweet vanilla.


At first, we perceive intense vanilla sweetness. The malt is full-bodied, warming and soft. Malty, cereal-like aromas remind us of crunchy breakfast cereals. However, we also find youthful spiciness, which was to be expected.
With water, the taste becomes much rounder. We find roasted grain and a good portion of oak again.


The finish is short with a light spicy oak kick and a slight tingle on the tongue.


As a local product with a low production volume, Patrisbrunna is truly impressive. With the typical profile of a Speysider, the German single malt can compete with classic Scotch whiskies. The remarkable regionality makes us turn a blind eye to the youthfulness.

Rating: 76/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 74 | Sascha: 77)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Product for review provided free of charge by Kö13 Paderborn
Preview Image Source: WHISKY:EDITION
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