Vink Peated Port 5 Year Old

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
Our dear neighbors from the Netherlands typically favor genever, often aged, over whisky. While genever shares the idea of using malted barley in its production, the additional distillation with juniper drastically alters its character. However, today we're trying a genuine Dutch whisky. Unchill-filtered and aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Port wine casks.
Vink Peated Port 5 Year Old
Vink Peated Port 5 Year Old (@whiskyedition)
Whisky | 5 Year Old | 44,70 % ABV. | 71,42 €/l | De Tweekoppige Phoenix Distillery | produced in Netherlands | Whiskybase ID 211652


The nose is unusual but not unpleasant. Initially, we find fruity notes of dried apricot and pickled cherries. These aromas are enveloped by more robust tones of almonds, tobacco, and a subtle hint of leather. The pervasive smoke is strangely cool, reminiscent of clothing the morning after a night by the campfire.


The taste is unfortunately confusing and unexpected. While there's still a light essence of red fruits, peculiar notes emerge that we haven't encountered before. It evokes memories of a locker room in a gym and somehow brings to mind an old, slightly moldy shelf. Overall, the predominant tone is not particularly pleasingly sour.


The finish is actually medium-length. Carried by the noticeably present smoke, we continue to perceive red fruits. The character most closely resembles sour red currants. Lingering in the throat, there's also a hint of oak.


The Vink Peated Port, unfortunately, falls into the category of single malts that didn't resonate with us. The concept seems sound. The whisky is crafted well and, above all, very honestly bottled. There's no hiding behind large batches, coloring, or filtration. Nevertheless, in our opinion, the combination of unusual smoke, youthfulness, and acidity isn't particularly brilliant.

Rating: 62/100 - Good (Marcel: 62 | Sascha: 61)

Value for Money: 2/5 - Bad

Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange
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