Wild Turkey 101

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
The Kentucky Straight Bourbon Wild Turkey 101 from the distillery of the same name in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is a cornerstone of American bourbon culture. Without an age statement on the label, it is known to be bottled as a blend of 6-8 year old bourbons. We take a closer look at the US classic.
The mashbill is composed of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley - which leads us to expect a sweetish, slightly spicy whiskey. Like all bourbons, Wild Turkey has to mature in new, freshly burnt-out Virgin Oak casks. 101 stands for American proof alcohol, which translates as 50.5% ABV.
The Wild Turkey 101 is a wonderful all-rounder
The Wild Turkey 101 is a wonderful all-rounder (@whiskyedition)
Kentucky Straight Bourbon | No Age Statement | 50,50 % ABV. | 28,29 €/l | Wild Turkey Distillery | produced in USA (Kentucky)


The whiskey with the turkey on the lable opens up with intense aromas of brown sugar and caramel. Behind the slightly pungent smelling alcohol we perceive vanilla, light spiciness, cola and tobacco leaves. The mind pictures a caramel pudding with brittle and a vanilla coke to go with it.


In the first moment, the whiskey opens with a neat sugar-popcorn-syrup combination, closely followed by a massively spicy, very powerful kick. The oak and rye are clearly evident here. A liquorice and herb note floats along - somehow the composition reminds us of liquorice sticks with caramel.


The finish is surprisingly short, tingles and is furry dry on the back of the tongue.


A wonderful all-rounder - it can do everything. Whether neat, on ice or as a mixer in a long drink (Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour), the Wild Turkey 101 always fits, especially with over 50% ABV it manages to present the great integrated flavours even in a cocktail.
In the mood for bourbon? Reaching for the 101 does not disappoint.

79/100 - Very Good
(Marcel: 78 | Sascha: 80)

Value for Money: Very Good

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