Owensboro - Anam na h-Alba

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
The German Independent Bottler Anam na h-Alba from Oberhausen proudly labels itself as "The Soul of Scotland." Hence, it was quite surprising when we stumbled upon a Kentucky Straight Bourbon bottled by them. The label promises a just shy of four years old Single Barrel bottling from Owensboro, seemingly distilled by Green River Distilling from Owensboro, Kentucky. Let's dive into what this cask-strength whiskey has to offer.
Owensboro - Anam na h-Alba
Owensboro - Anam na h-Alba
Kentucky Straight Bourbon | 3 Year Old | 59,90 % ABV. | 114,28 €/l | Owensboro Distillery | bottled by Anam na h-Alba | produced in USA (Kentucky) | Whiskybase ID 232757


The nose is immediately hit with the full flavor payload of a cask-strength bourbon. The scent is intensely nutty and oaky, showcasing the impressive work done by the fresh cask. Notes of burnt caramel and a subtle leather undertone emerge. After letting the whiskey rest for a bit, fruity notes reveal themselves—thinking of exotic fruits like pineapple or passion fruit.


The young bourbon starts of intense on the palate. Sweet caramel, pronounced oak, and a wonderfully oily viscosity present themselves. Add to that a slight tingling of white pepper – all without the 59.9% feeling overpowering. While we initially thought of peanuts on the nose, the taste leans towards a spicier profile reminiscent of nutmeg. Tropical fruit flavors reappear, accompanied by a faint hint of solvent, likely owing to its youth.


In the medium-length finish, no big surprises await. The intense oaky and nutty characteristics linger, leaving behind a delightful aroma. A subtle caramel sweetness complements the rather heavy, spicy notes.


Anam na h-Alba's Straight Bourbon from Owensboro, true to this type of whiskey, is rugged and uncompromisingly intense. The flavor composition is delicious, albeit a bit rough around the edges. A tasty Single Barrel Bourbon without major peculiarities or standouts. A pleasure, as long as you're not expecting intricate complexity.

Rating: 82/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 82 | Sascha: 81)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

Preview Image Source: Whiskybase
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