St. Kilian Signature Edition Thirteen

Peaty, Leathery
The St. Kilian distillery releases their Signature Editions at irregular intervals. These are strictly limited bottlings of selected casks. For the 13th Signature Edition, we were sent a deconstruction set, i.e. samples of the individual barrels, as well as a sample of the final product. A super exciting experience!
Below is our impression of the Signature Edition Thirteen, as well as (at the very bottom) a breakdown of the individual parts.
St. Kilian Signature Edition Thirteen
St. Kilian Signature Edition Thirteen (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 4 Year Old | 53,90 % ABV. | 97,80 €/l | St. Kilian Distillery | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 224299


The single malt opens with dominant citrus, vanilla and caramel notes. In the background, there is a pleasant campfire smoke note, which is greatly supported by cinnamon and a certain florality. Overall malty and mild, we like the nose very much.


Balanced and round, the caramel sweetness combines with a floral, grassy note that we could already perceive in the nose. Cinnamon and ginger, as well as dark chocolate pair with peach jam to create an exciting composition that is both slightly peppery and sweetly mild. The smoke is supportively present, but does not play in the foreground.


The finish is medium long with a slight fruitiness and dryness.


It's really amazing what influence different barrels and types of wood have on the New Make. To understand the craft of a blender, you really have to try something like this. The five components have their own characteristics, which are reflected in the nuances of the final product.
The result is impressive - tasty, easy to drink and accessible despite the 54ppm peat smoke in the New Make. If one compares the individual proportions, it quickly becomes clear what value was placed on them. The largest portion was chosen from the typical flavours, while the unusual flavours make up the smaller part and still give the Signature Edition its complexity.
By the way - if we had to choose a single cask bottling, our choice would have been the Palatinate oak.

Notice: Under More Information you will find tasting notes on the individual components of the single malt!

Rating: 80/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 82 | Sascha: 78)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Product for review provided free of charge by St. Kilian
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Further Information Cherry (3% share, 61.7% vol.) [2018-2022]
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Palatinate Oak (11% share, 60.6% vol.) [2018-2022]
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